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About Anatolia

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Anatolia Education and Consulting, established on 05.10.2015, is aiming at lifelong learning and individual development and aims to do its best in this direction and renews itself continuously.Anatolia works in the field of educational material development, human resources, personal development, sales marketing programs, improvement of communication skills,gaining skills etc. Our organization also works on social promotion, volunteering, active citizenship and youth mobility, by implementing many projects (especially in the framework of the new Erasmus + program) As a training and consultancy company in Anatolia, ERASMUS + KA1 has provided hundreds of trainings, has participated in many projects, and has been involved in many projects and seminars in various Erasmus + has signed many projects.As well as these objectives we also aim;

-to increase employment of young people and to support their personal and professional development;

- to organize and mediate trainings, youth exchanges, workcamps,  seminars, study mobilities, internships and volunteering programs both abroad and national level;

- to stimulate the creation of new and innovative ideas as the basis for entrepreneurial initiatives of young people, to motivate them and support towards his own business;

We are as well active in the field of international cooperation and development.

The organization is formed by trainers, business people and entrepreneurs.

Besides our local activities we're constantly working to strengthen our partnerships both at the national level and in the field of International Cooperation. Our aim is to establish a link between the public body organizations and the private firms to enhance the quality of educational and training programmes all around the world.